ofrece a toda su audiencia la que posiblemente sea la Guía Definitiva del Business Intelligence, redactada por dos expertos de reconocido prestigio mundial: Carsten Bange y Barney Finucane. Se trata de un informe de 65 páginas en el que se hace una introducción a cómo puede ayudar el Business Intelligence en su empresa, qué es lo que debe tener en cuenta y cuales son los productos que debe evaluar según sus necesidades. Los autores del informe son los responsables del servicio de información sobre Business Intelligence



The BI Market Guide

Authors: Carsten Bange & Barney Finucane

Published by: BARC – Business Application Research Center

Price: € 850

Format: PDF report



The BI Market Guide comprises 65 pages of incisive research and invaluable information to help you through the early stages of your tool selection project and give you a sound overview of the BI software market.

Written and compiled by BARC’s panel of expert analysts, it provides an introduction to the categories of BI tools on the market, essential tips and advice for a successful project and a thorough guide to the product strategies of the major vendors.

Access mission-critical information

Business Intelligence projects are invariably very large investments in time, resources and money, and unforeseen costs can quickly mount as the project goes forward. The BI Market Guide ensures that you have all the information at your fingertips to get the early decisions right.

The BI Market Guide is split into three sections, each packed with mission-critical information and top-notch advice on the BI market space:

The BI Market Segment Guide (14 pages)

·        An authoritative breakdown of the BI market

·        We explain the various flavors of BI software available

·        How BI can improve your business

·        Find out which vendors and products you should evaluate


Best Practice Tool Selection & Implementation (16 pages)

·        Proven tips for a successful BI project

·        How not to buy a BI product – pitfalls to avoid

·        Use our BI software evaluation template to help you assess products

·        Learn how and when to deal with BI software vendors

·        Helps you make the right decisions, right away


Vendor Strategy Guides (35 pages)

·        The inside story on the current strategies being adopted by the BI mega-vendors

·        Featuring Microsoft, IBM Cognos, Oracle Hyperion, SAP Business Objects and SAS

·        Discover which products the vendors are devoting their resources to…

·        …and which are likely to be phased out

·        On the back of major recent market consolidation, learn from the vendors’ past acquisitions.

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