Verity, representado en España por la empresa catalana DVC (DaVinci) acaba de lanzar la versión 5.0 de su software de bandera, el K2 Enterprise, para la búsqueda de grandes volúmenes de información.


SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 23 / — Verity Inc. (Nasdaq: VRTY), today announced the availability of release 5.0 of its Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) software that helps large-scale organizations maximize the return on their intellectual capital investment and assets. The latest version of the company’s flagship product includes new features and functions designed to better allow enterprises to create or expand intellectual capital management systems that match their global scale and scope.

«In today’s marketplace, enterprises are very prudent in their software buying decisions,» said Anthony Bettencourt, Verity’s president and CEO. «Verity is committed to helping our customers realize measurable results from their technology investments. K2 Enterprise 5.0 provides new and exciting features that let large global organizations make the most of their existing infrastructure, as well as meet the evolving demands of tomorrow.»

Verity K2E 5.0’s new multi-domain feature recognizes that global organizations work with other global organizations, whether within their own corporation or externally. This capability lets users from multiple organizations conduct authorized searches in each other’s content repositories. Connections between different K2E-based intellectual management systems can now be achieved with full security, presenting the knowledge bases of numerous repositories via a single access point. In effect, this multi-domain function gives extranets a new meaning, taking them from being simple communication channels to serving as sophisticated vehicles for sharing and mutually optimizing intellectual capital.

«Information retrieval technology has reached a curious turning point,» stated Hadley Reynolds, research director at Delphi Group, Boston, MA. «Software releases like the new K2E from Verity deliver capabilities to discover, deliver, and connect knowledge resources that far exceed most enterprises’ vision for the emergent era of context-on-demand. We are seeing numbers of leading firms realizing that the technology barriers to addressing the poverty of the enterprise search experience are largely gone, and that new business practice in this area can dramatically enhance business performance metrics.»

Enhanced Recommendation Engine

Verity K2E 5.0 includes significant enhancements to intellectual capital management capabilities delivered in prior releases of the software. A more powerful recommendation engine now suggests individual documents, similar users’ queries, categories of documents as well as experts, communities of interest and other user-defined elements. When deployed with the Verity Federator announced earlier this year, this extended social networking engine enables recommendation of documents even if they are beyond the content indexed by Verity K2E.

Dynamic taxonomies, also new with version 5.0, allows users to create and share their own taxonomies, participate actively in the enhancement of their organizations’ taxonomies, and enables the engine to automatically analyze and recommend related categories. In addition to providing industry-leading content organization technologies from business rules to automatic classification and thematic mapping, Verity K2E 5.0 also offers the ability to include active and passive recommendation tools to assist in the development and management of taxonomies.

Enterprise-Class Scalability and Security

Underscoring its suitability for large organizations is K2E 5.0’s scalability. Configurations can support extremely large volumes of content and numbers of users due to a multi-tiered parallel computing architecture. Verity K2E’s new broker-level distributed queue balancing enables the largest enterprises to scale to unprecedented index sizes and query loads, supporting millions of users, searching across tens of millions of documents.

Further, K2E supports document-level security based on integration with identity management and single sign-on solutions from IBM, Netegrity, Oblix and RSA Security, which provides global enterprises more effective ways to build a secure intellectual capital management system.

Advanced Language Support and Administrative Control

Another example of K2E 5.0’s global organization orientation is its support of more than 70 languages, now including Arabic. New multi-language collections, in conjunction with Unicode Locales, deliver advanced linguistic analysis functionality that lets users retrieve relevant results from content in a single selected language, or across all information regardless of language. Content is automatically identified by language type, tagged and then routed to multiple- or specific-language collections, depending on administrative preference, which helps to decrease development and maintenance costs by eliminating the need to build separate collections for each language in use.

Those responsible for administering an organization’s intellectual capital management system will find K2E 5.0 offers more, yet simpler to use, management and administrative capabilities, all operated from a user-friendly but comprehensive dashboard that makes large-scale, multi-system K2E deployments easy to run and control.

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